The Top Two Mistakes Sellers Make When Listing Their Home

When Sumer and I get together to talk real estate, you can always count on some seriously good advice and some not-so-serious antics.  What we hope you will walk away with is a better understanding of what we as realtors see and work with on a daily basis.

Our first episode of Get Real NWA is meant just for you sellers.  Gone are the days of old “Three P’s of Real Estate. ”  Put it on the MLS, Put a sign in the ground, and Pray that it sells.  Today’s three P’s will make a real difference in whether your home sells quickly or languishes on the market.  In a world where 92% of buyers find their home online, sellers have to find a real estate agent who understands how to help them Prepare, Price, and Promote their home.

The two biggest mistakes sellers make when listing their home have to do with Preparing and Pricing their home to sell.  Watch this short video to find out how these crucial steps can make or break your listing.